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"I'm not one of these people that want to shine like common brass in sunlight."

"I have never yet been called Mister in the twenty years in this city. Nowhere. And the world knows it. They call me Madam, Missus, Granny, whatever in shops. Not Mister. And my success is only this because I don't jump in mens' clothes in the morning."

"I been handling humanity all my life. I know people. Nothing frightens me. You should know that. Who frightens me in the pubs? Any of these whores? They wouldn't dare."

"So I don't smoke. I consider myself a lady. I got to carry it right through."

"I go to straight bars and I find a good man. That's my racket. That's my success of living darling. I don't shit on my doorstep."

"The reason why I never will have a sex change…for the simple reason I'm a very holy type of person. People may not think so but I am. I've been brought up that way. I don't think I will be accepted with a plastic body in the new hemisphere wherever it is. That's my belief. That's why I keep my body as I was born. The other reason is this. If a man wanted a fish he'd go to real fish."

"I never starve of sex. I have it every day. And the best."

"I've blossomed from the day I was born."

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Granny and perky posterior
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