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Granny Lee was renowned for her outrageous oufits with which she would bedazzle clubgoers. An acomplished designer and machinist, she would put together an outfit out of someone's curtains or a pile of plastic rubbish packets. She would never wear the same invention twice.

Weekdays would be spent sowing and stiching to prepare a new outfit for the weekend. Lee, a pensioner with little money would make use of whatever she could find. She'd sew outfits together, as well as use staples, glue and anything else that could hold the various elements together. She would dye her hair with food colouring when necessary.

Lee never seemed concerned about what was appropriate for a lady of her age and would not hesitate at the thought of a revealing, see-through number. Her wardrobe was often enhanced by gifts and at one point she was given a range of costumes from a theatre which was closing down. Latiefa, a friend would throw regular fancy dress parties and Granny would always oblige by unleashing a memorable creation on the party-goers.

While there was an undoubtedly trashy side to her clothes, she managed to carry it off with her own unique sense of style. Many call her the (original) Vivien Westwood of Africa.

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Sketches of Lee's Outfits by Vaughn Jacobs
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