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"Hello you bitches. You want to know about my life do you? Well I'll have you know - like no woman or man ever have done it, I have done it all. I've seen it all. They called me Granny Lee - Queen of the Discos, the white queen of Africa. I was infamous! Like the star that I am I shone through them all. Stick around and I'll tell you the real story of Granny Lee."

METAMORPHOSIS is a documentary that explores the life of one of South Africa's most outrageous and vibrant characters - Granny Lee. By outfitting herself with over the top costumes, heavy makeup, a foul mouth and a passion for the nightlife she became the most notorious denizen of Johannesburg's decadent clubland in the seventies and eighties.

The story of Granny Lee is a fascinating journey that merges the personal with the political. It is a life of illusion, glamour and struggle in the shadow of the racial and sexual repression of Calvinist Apartheid. Come on in, have a drink and discover the legend of Granny Lee - the granny you'll wish you had.

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Granny Lee at her "80th" birthday

Featuring Donna Summer, Bee Gee's, Gloria Gaynor, Chic, Blondie and more!

All Photos by Herb Klein

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